Sustainable development

Initiated by PhD students and the lab's Council, ERIC members implemented a set of proposals listed below, which are always in evolution.

Day-to-day actions

  • Not forget to switch the lights off when last leaving the lab.
    Demand to the university: use timers, replace neons by LEDs or else use one tube instead of two in the hall.
  • Avoid paper printings that are not strictly necessary. Design dataviz that show the paper and ink consumption with respect to time and give ourselves consumption reduction objectives.
  • Since the university cannot currently perform waste sorting, devise a "local" waste sorting at the lab's scale.
  • Avoid electric heaters in offices; prefer a second pull-over.
  • Favour buying recycled paper (being done for many years).
  • Favour buying recyclable cups, plates, etc. instead of plastic ones. 
  • Switch off computers and screens when they are not to be used for a long time (e.g., at night), especially in low-occupied rooms (meeting rooms, intern room out of internship periods).

Digital best practices

  • Instead of sending an attached file to several people, especially when the file is big, upload it to, e.g., Filesender.
  • Not send emails in HTML mode; they are much more voluminous that plain text. Similarly, avoid branded signatures with images. branded avec des images (idem).
  • Enforce a global policy for renewing computer dedicated to office software less frequently.


  • Favour cycling and form cycling-buses (people who cycle to the lab can accompany neophytes).
  • Participate to theĀ  Mobility Challenge organized by Region AURA.

Want to involve further?

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