11/12/23 – Séminaire Juba Agoun (ERIC) : Enhancing #security for data federation distributed in silos through #Polystore system


Title: Enhancing security for data federation distributed in silos through Polystore system
Abstract: Training  the recent machine learning model is often scattered across disparate  collections of datasets, which can be referred to as data silos. Due to  confidentiality and legislative constraints, the data often cannot leave the premises of these data  silos. This fragmentation poses a significant challenge for  data-intensive learning applications. Advanced research work focuses on  how to integrate distributed data from silos for data analysis while ensuring data security.
In this  talk, he will present an exhaustive state-of-the-art on data privacy and  the surrounding security measures by tracing the evolution of data  privacy and security concepts. He will present an approach that enables remote access to heterogeneous data from  multiple partners in different countries while adhering to a set of  security constraints. Polystore paradigm is considered to be the system  for federating multi-sources data. He will  present a resilient Access Control Mechanism for data sharing through Polystore.

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