24/01/2022-Séminaire: Rebecca Kay Eichler (Université de Stuttgart)


Metadata Management in Complex Enterprise Data Landscapes

24/01/2022-11:00, en ligne via Teams

Digital transformation and artificial intelligence are significantly reshaping enterprise data landscapes. New data platforms such as data lakes are introduced with the goal to systematically store, manage and analyse the huge amount of data generated across the value chain. Data platforms such as data marketplaces are set up to make data available across the enterprise so it can be exploited for competitive advantages. In the endeavour of becoming more data driven, metadata management constitutes a critical success factor for companies today as it provides the basis for self-service and governance across the entire data landscape. It fosters data discovery and data analytics and supports transparency across analytical and operational data platforms. However, there are still challenges in dealing with metadata in systems such as data lakes or the management of metadata across systems. In the scope of this presentation, we will discuss how metadata can be used to manage data in a so-called data lake zone model, what role metadata management plays in the creation of a data lake, and how it can be modelled flexibly to support the majority of metadata management use cases. In addition, we will talk about how the data in the data lake and other systems can be shared with employees across the company through an enterprise data marketplace.

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