12/10/20 – Séminaire : David Obst (EDF R&D)


Transfer Learning for Linear Regression: A Statistical Test of Gain

12/10/2020, 11:00, Online via Teams.

Transfer learning, also referred as knowledge transfer, aims at reusing knowledge from a source dataset to a similar target one. While many empirical studies illustrate the benefits of transfer learning, few theoretical results are established especially for regression problems. In this paper a theoretical framework for the problem of parameter transfer for the linear model is proposed. It is shown that the quality of transfer for a new input vector x depends on its representation in an eigenbasis involving the parameters of the problem. Furthermore a statistical test is constructed to predict whether a fine-tuned model has a lower prediction quadratic risk than the base target model for an unobserved sample. Efficiency of the test is illustrated on synthetic data as well as real electricity consumption data.

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